youth wrestling after school program

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Ranger Wrestling Summer Camps


Intro to Wrestling:

(Ages 5-12) This is an Introductory Camp for wrestlers who have 0 to 1 years of wrestling experience. Campers will learn the basics of wrestling; Scoring, Takedowns, Top & Bottom Moves, Short Offense, and Defense. Wrestling techniques will be introduced in fun games like competitive format. This will keep campers engaged, fun, and not much down time. Please call 703-777-0343 for more information.

Skills and Drill Camp:

(Ages 8-18) Ranger Skills & Drills Camp: The Skills and Drill Camp is a fast pace wrestling technique camp for wrestlers who have 2+ years experienced or cleared by Coach Caruso. Wrestlers will learn Techniques from Neutral, Top, Bottom, and Short offense. Each technique will be taught step by step, through progression and defense will be taught to each move. There will be 4-5 technique session each day, with live situations and live go's through out.

RIP Camps:

(Ages 8-18) The Ranger Wrestling Camp is an intensive, fast pace camp that will challenge wrestlers both mentally and physically. Campers will be trained by current high school wrestlers, current and former college wrestlers, and high school coaches. The camp will cover the aspects of the following wrestling techniques/positions: hand-fighting, neutral position, short offense, bottom position, top position, circuit drilling and much more! 
Wrestlers will also go through: US Army Ranger PT (Physical Training) Test: 2 mile timed run, 2 min of push-ups, 2 min of sit-ups, and pull-up test. Will be conducted in the beginning and at the end of camp. Cardiovascular training: tire flips, tire pulls, stadium runs, explosive sprints, circuit training, etc. Strength training: on & off season weight lifting programs, plate training, sandbag training, kettle bell training, circuit training, etc. Wrestling techniques from: hand-fighting, neutral position, short offense, bottom position, top position, circuit drilling, etc. Takedown Tournament. 


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