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Ranger's Spring Wrestling

Building Champions Year Around!!



     Welcome to the Ranger Wrestling Club's 2018 Spring Season.  We have multiple wrestling styles (Greco, Freestyle, & Folkstyle) to offer in multiple locations this year: Loudoun County, Heritage, Tuscarora, John Champe & Riverside High School. These programs are geared towards Elementary through High School aged kids. 


**Wrestlers not in High School, please talk to the coaches and other wrestlers around age/weight to ensure you have a drill partner.** 

Start date for all these program are March 12th!!

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Programs Being Offerred:

Styles                    Days              Time                         Coaches                        Location                      Price

Freestyle/Greco   M,W,F          6-8pm                 Riverside Coaches           Riverside HS                 $50*

All 3 styles         M, Tu & Th     5:15-7pm            Tuscarora Coaches          Tuscarora HS                $50*

Folkstyle              M & Th        4:15-6:30pm       LC & Various Coaches     Loudoun County HS       $50*

"               "             W           5:15-7:00pm       "                                                                        "      

Folkstyle               M                 4:15-6:30pm       John Champe Coaches     John Champe HS          $50*

*Package deal is for $50 for the whole season.  You can attend anyone of these practices, at any location, for the lowest price around.  Technically, wrestlers could practice M-F all season for $50. 



Spring Clinic Series


Clinic Series          Sun              12-3pm               Caruso/Smith/Marck      Loudoun County HS   Click Here

Sunday, April 22nd

Neutral-attacking both sides (Baseball Grip/Elbow pass/Underhook) & FHL Series run by Coach Caruso  Fee $15

Sunday, May 6th 

 Arm Bars & Mason series (2 on 1 roll through tilt) Run by Coach Caruso       Fee $15

Sunday, May 20th 

Shot defense & Scrambling Run by Logan Smith      Fee $25

Sunday, June 3rd 

Bottom series (Push back & Change over) & Legs run by Coach Caruso and Coach Marck  Fee $15

Save $10 and buy the package deal for only $60.